Industrial Oil Concentrate

Using our proprietary XPL+ technology, this extreme pressure formulation reduces friction, heat and wear to dramatically increase production efficiently and extend the working life of gears, cams and dies. Adds superior performance to any oil application.

Superior Performance:
- Improves speed and feed rates.
- Improves surface finishes.
- Reduces down time.
- Cuts down wear and tear.
- Less power consumption.
- Reduces smoke and noise.
- Extends machine life.
- Reduces electrolysis. 

- Gear boxes.                              
- Stamping.                        
- Threading and dies.     
- Ball and roller bearing.  
- Pumps and power transmissions. 
- Slitting machines.
- Cold-heading.
- Heavy chains and sprockets.

Cost Savings

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Superior Performance for all Industrial Applications

NO Chemicals or harmful solvents

Industrial Oil Concentrate