Hydraulic Treatment

With advanced XPL+ (Xtreme Pressure Lubrication) technology, ProOne Hydraulic Treatment provides superior performance, especially at points of extreme pressure, to help keep hydraulic systems running at peak efficiency, which means less down time and lower operating costs.

Bottom Line Benefits:
- Lowers friction and operating temperatures.
- Protects against wear.
- Reduces electrolysis up to 94%.
- Displaces moisture.
- Prevents oxidation and corrosion.
- Helps extend equipment life.
- Compatible with petroleum and synthetics.
- Helps protect and condition seals.
- Optimum run times…less down time.
- Reduces heavy line pulsing.

- Hydraulic system.
- Power transmission equipment.
- Power steering units.
- Automatic transmissions.
- Injection molding machines.
- Railroad equipment.
- Refineries and oil field equipment.
- Paper and pulp mills.
- Mining and smelter equipment.

Spec Sheets

NO Chemicals or harmful solvents

Hydraulic Treatment