EP-2 Multipurpose Grease

Delivers outstanding extreme pressure protection to help maximize equipment life and performance, and helps save energy, even under the harshest conditions. And with no harmful additives, this premium grease is environmentally friendly!

Superior Performance:
- Extreme pressure protection.
- Heavy load carrying ability.
- Shear stability.
- Water resistance.
- Oxidation resistance.
- Corrosion resistance.
- Cling capability.
- Seal compatibility.
- Extreme temperature range.

- Heat                              - Downtime          
- Friction                         - Noise
- Wear                             - Power Consumption

 Displaces Moisture:
- Displaces water and moisture.
- Moisture barrier controls corrosion.

Safe for Use
- Non-toxic
- Environmentally friendly

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Extreme Pressure Performance from – 40°F to 615°F !

NO Chemicals or harmful solvents

EP-2 Multipurpose Grease