EP-1 Synthetic Grease (Pumpable)

Heavy duty full synthetic multipurpose grease designed for extreme temperature conditions or where low and high speed bearings share the same lubricant. Delivers increased parts life, reduced downtime and outstanding protection in the harshest EP, temperature or corrosive environments.

Superior Performance:
- Pumpable.
- Operates from -60°F to 650°F.
- Extreme pressure protection.
- Heavy load carrying ability.
- Excellent shear stability.
- High resistant to water wash.
- Excellent corrosion resistance.
- Cling capability .

- Heat            - Downtime          
- Friction       - Noise
- Wear           - Power Usage

Displaces Moisture:
- Displaces water and moisture.
- Moisture barrier controls corrosion.

Safe for Use:
- Non-toxic
- Environmentally friendly

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Extreme Pressure Performance from – 40°F to 615°F !

NO Chemicals or harmful solvents

EP-1 Synthetic Grease (Pumpable)