Engine Life Treatment

ProOne Engine Life Treatment features the XPL+ (Xtreme Pressure Lubrication) technology to bond to the metal in an engine providing extraordinary protection from heat and friction, and reducing wear especially during start-up when motor oil is not yet circulating. From lawnmower to a container ship, Engine Life Treatment will help extend an engine’s working life and performance.

XPL+ (Xtreme Pressure Lubrication) – Metal bonding agent – Anti-wear agent – Seal conditioner Vegetable Based – No solids, chlorine or harmful solvents! – No solids, chlorine or harmful solvents!

Bottom Line Benefits:
- Helps increase engine life.
- Withstands friction & high temperatures.
- Prevents oxidation & corrosion.
- Protects & conditions seals.
- Helps optimize engine performance.
- Helps optimize fuel economy.
- Protects engine from wear during start-up.
- Easier starting at all temperatures.

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NO Chemicals or harmful solvents

Engine Life Treatment