About us

John Kowalski
John is the founder of Earth Japan and brings over 40 years of business organization, direct consulting and management of large wireless and robotic projects around the globe.
He has represented and organized many businesses and financial institutions as an attorney in the United States and is a principal of Elk Wing Inc.  Elk Wing Inc. specializes in consulting and management services to the wireless and robotics industries. He has directly managed the successful deployment of robotic systems in the EU, Canada and the United States for a major global online retailer.
He resided and worked in Japan for a period of three years in the wireless industry for Ericsson in Tokyo and Yokohama and managed the construction and installation of a large and award winning test environment for Ericsson in Minato Mirai. Customers included all of the largest mobile phone operators in Japan. His projects won awards for innovation in Japan as well as the Asia Pacific region. He also served as Head Of Kaizen and Kakushin (innovation) for the ITTE group in Ericsson as well as being the Department Head.
He served as a guest Lecturer for the Global MBA Program at prestigeous Sophia University in Tokyo with an emphasis on the business and cultural differences between Japanese and Western business practices. 
John continues to have a background in earth friendly activities. He founded one of the largest fisheries environmental organizations in the New England States, and successfully protected one of New England's most famous trout streams from damage by unchecked development.

Sandy Messini
Sandy is Australian, working in Telecoms for more than 30 years, and brings a meticulous engineering mind to Earth Japan. He is an innovator and inventor. His credo is "A problem is just a solution waiting to be implemented".
He worked with Ericsson Australia for more than 20 years, before residing in Japan for the last 10 years, working with Ericsson in Yokohama. Sandy was part of John Kowalski's award winning test environment project team for Ericsson in Minato Mirai, where he designed part of the Data Center & Telecoms switch test environment, power plant and cooling optimization. This project required adaptation to changing requirements, innovation and problem solving skills.
Sandy was involved in a design review of a new test environment in China, where his recommendations were applied to a Data Center & Telecoms switch test environment of more than 3000sqm. This included an review of "sustainability": A reduction of wasted power (PUE), making the test environment greener, and reducing energy costs. 
Sandy is a mentor and teacher. He has been involved in quality assurance and process development/improvement for more than 20 years, and uses 6 Sigma & Lean 6 Sigma. He applies these practices by "mapping" working level processes collaboratively with engineers.
He's taught more than 40 courses in Australia, China, Japan, Sweden, Italy, France and UK.  Sandy currently teaches Root Cause Analysis, a course developed by himself, and concentrates on "teaching people to think like investigators", not just the RCA methodology.  "Teaching just the RCA methodology is like having one arm tied behind your back".
Sandy loves the outdoors, skis 25 days a year, and likes to travel and take photographs.

Enda McDermott
Enda has 15+ years experience in multiple industries, primarily in telecommunications and more recently in robotics for e-commerce distribution and fulfillment. Enda has a business education and information technology background and has resided in many countries globally, with valuable exposure and understanding of the plurality that world has to offer. Enda contributes greatly to the international outlook that Earth Japan represents, following the remit to track future trends and focus on all things environmental. Enda’s achievements include involvement in the first mobile phone call in Nigeria to assisting in the growth of affordable person to person mobile communications in the developing world. Enda’s experience will be a driving force in Earth Japan developing business and new customers, achieving a greener, innovative and environmental sensibility with the products that Earth Japan brings to the market. Enda is an avid scuba diver supporting only Green Fins afiliated dive resorts, who follow the motto. "To protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing and implementing environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving and snorkelling tourism industry.".